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It’s time for the Afroswimmers review!! It’s no secret that I love what I do. And part of my job as a coach is to keep yall in the know about products that are made to make swimming easier and more efficient for people with textured, Afro, curly, or locked hair. It’s all about representation, and if the world won’t give you a seat at the table, you create one! My goal is to prevent you from spending money on products that wont meet your needs and direct you towards the ones that will. I would like to introduce you to the silicone swim scarf @swimscarf. This product had my attention at hello. I was curious more than anything. Whenever someone says they have a cap that will keep your hair dry, I immediatley go into investigative mode. There are different ways that people use swimming in their lives. How you use swimming determines how the product will affect you. After several test swims, I found that the scarf is ideal for recreational use and great for teaching water baby lessons! If tied properly and tightly, you can minimize the water in your hair.
PROS: Nice color options
Very comfortable
Spacious, Accommodates big hair
Quick application, easy to put on
Protects hair from direct chlorine exposure
CONS: Too bulky for lap swimming, the extra material blocks proper rotation
If swimming with proper technique, all four strokes, your hair WILL get wet. Wet hair isnt a problem, but dont expect dry hair after a 100 fly
If water gets inside the cap, it can feel very heavy, so you have to empty it while in the pool.
Overall, will I use this cap? Yes! It’s great for quick lessons and relaxing in the pool. Will I exercise in this cap, No. Laps require a more restrictive cap to minimize resistance in the water.These caps are silicone based and made in London. For more information on swim scarf visit them on Instagram and click on the photo. If you found this review helpful, let me know. If you didn’t, let me know! I’m here for YOU. Swim More. Tag a friend.
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