Chlorine And Your Hair

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As anyone who swims in a chlorinated pool already knows, chlorine can damage your hair making it brittle and weak. Chlorine can even fade salon coloured hair or turn your natural blonde locks into a greenish hue that is anything but stylish. While chlorine is a necessity in swimming pools to kill off any  unwanted bacteria and keep us safe from infections and disease that may be present in the water, it isn’t part of our hair care routine and caution should be taken, especially if you swim often. Let’s take a closer look at what really happens between chlorine and your hair.

What Chlorine Does to Your Hair?

Chlorine is a powerful chemical which, when used to keep swimming pools clean and safe to swim in, can irritate our skin and dry out our hair. Chlorine removes many of the natural oils present in our hair and skin, and can leave hair looking, and feeling, tired, dry and lifeless. It can also leave your skin red, itchy and irritated which is why it is good practice to wear a swim cap while swimming and shower after swimming in a chlorinated pool and use a specially formulated swimmer’s conditioner in your hair.

How Does Chlorine Turn Your Hair Green?

If you notice that your hair has a green tint to it after swimming, you might have blamed the chlorine in the pool for this rather strange occurrence. This colouring is not actually from the chlorine itself, but oxidised copper which is a result of the presence of chlorine. This copper is absorbed by your hair leaving it an unattractive green colour which takes a couple of days to finally wash out.

How To Avoid Chlorine Damage

There are some things that you can do to protect your hair from chlorine damage and still enjoy taking a swim now and then.

Wear A Swim Scarf- wearing a Swimscarf when swimming will provide complete protection from the chlorine and keep your hair looking and feeling soft, silky and healthy. While swim caps might not be attractive or comfortable, Swim scarves are much more stylish, offer better protection than a swim cap and are much easier to use.

Use A Leave-In Conditioner Made Specifically For Swimmers- adding some leave-in conditioner to your hair before entering the pool will help prevent it from absorbing the chlorine and soften and moisturise your hair while you swim!

Use An After-Swim Clarifier- after you swim, you should shower and rinse out any chlorine present in your hair. Then use an after-swim clarifying solution that will remove any traces of chlorine left over.

To learn more ways to protect your hair from the damaging effects of chlorine or to find a stylish, attractive swim scarf that will provide complete protection for your hair while swimming, visit Swimscarf today!

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