Protecting Your Hair in a Dry Sauna

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We all know that protecting our hair when swimming or while soaking in hot tub is important if we want to keep it from becoming damaged by the chemicals. But did you know that a dry sauna can be just as damaging to your hair, if not worse?

Dry saunas work differently than wet saunas but the damage they can cause your hair can still be severe. Many people use saunas to relieve chronic pain as well as a wide range of skin conditions but few of them think to protect their hair while they relax and recover. With all of these benefits of saunas, why then, are they so harmful to our hair? Let’s take a look:

Saunas Are Good For Your Health, But Bad For Your Hair

Saunas, especially dry saunas, spread heat and moisture through the air and this can cause hair to become frizzy, even stripping away important nutrients our hair needs to look and feel healthy. While frizzy hair is annoying, it is also temporary and can be treated with conditioner to restore its natural silkiness and smoothness. Hair that has been damaged by the heat of a dry sauna can take weeks to repair and cost a lot of money in the process.

Protecting Your Hair in a Dry Sauna

How can you protect your hair while still enjoying the healing benefits of a dry sauna? With some careful planning and some patience, you can keep your hair looking and feeling great even after a session in the sauna!

Here Are Some Ways To Protect Your Hair In A Dry Sauna

Apply A Smoothing Hair Serum- a smoothing hair serum which contains silicone will help protect your hair and keep the frizzies away. Just rub a small amount into your palm and rub it evenly throughout your hair before relaxing in your sauna. containing silicone.

Avoid Overexposure- don’t stay in the sauna longer than 15 or 20 minutes as this can cause extreme damage to your hair and could cause dehydration. sauna for no longer than 15 to 20 minutes. Staying in a sauna for longer may cause dehydration.

Apply A Moisturising Conditioner After The Sauna- if possible, gently wash your hair immediately after leaving the sauna and apply a moisturising conditioner. Leave it on longer than you normally would to ensure your hair gets the nourishment it needs.

Wrap Your Hair In A Swimscarf- for the ultimate protection for your hair, wrap your hair in a Swimscarf before entering the sauna. This will keep it protected from the heat and help it retain its natural moisture. A Swimscarf should be worn while swimming, soaking in a hot tub or relaxing in the sauna to keep your hair looking its best.

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