Oct 3, 2018

New Swimscarf feedback.


???????? you are onto a WINNER ??????????

First may I please apologize for not getting back to you sooner. The kids went back to school first week in August so it’s been a little difficult to get to the pool. Also we all got sick and mine ended up a chest infection which has just left me.

So although I have been using it in the shower, I got to use it in the pool yesterday. It worked a treat. My hair was only slightly damp which was me sweating in the 90 degree heat. No pool water touched my hair. Fabulous design! My hair did not get wet. Love it. Also very comfortable. Because of its position on your head and the design it does not pull at your edges like normal latex swim caps.

I really think you are onto a winner and you should get onto Amazon and eBay ASAP!!!! ?.

My only request, if I may, is that you also make a true black cap for people that do not want to stand out. I just think we would benefit if we did not stand out too much (unless we want too)!!

Anyway, I’m very pleased with the cap and you can be very proud of your design.

Good luck ??



Team GB Olympic Champion Wears Swimscarf

Team GB Olympic Champion Wears Swimscarf

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We have updated the Swimscarf

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