The Swimscarf design is adjustable making it easy to put on and take off

We love big hair. We love afro hair. That’s why we designed the first UK swimming headscarf with black women in mind!

Women shouldn’t have to sacrifice their hair to swim in the pool.

Tired of super-tight, bald-looking swim caps? Sick of restyling your hair after your cap has failed to keep it dry?

Our Swimscarf is guaranteed to keep your hair dry and retain its style.

Designed to accommodate natural, high-volume hair and styled locks, our silicone waterproof Swimscarf is feminine, fashionable and functional. More than an XL swim cap, the Swimscarf ties like a stylish headscarf and comes in a variety of colours from basic to bold. Suitable for most adults. Colours may vary.

Perfect for..

  • Stylish silicone headscarf for swimming
  • Easy to tie & fully adjustable
  • Double layered for extra hold, support & protection
  • Black Bean, Snow, Sunrise, Ruby and Emerald.
  • Fits most adult heads
  • Sold with its own ziplock pouch
  • £28.95

  • Afro or kinky hair
  • Braids
  • Weaves
  • Loc’s
  • Extensions
  • Extra long & voluminous hair.

Watch here for a full demo on how to tie the Swimscarf. Love your hair? Love swimming? Don’t choose between them.



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